For sale futsal shoes :)

June 9, 2011 Leave a comment

hi there,

mau mencoba mengurangi koleksi sepatu2 saya nih..
monggo bisa diliat di thread ini.

Sepatu Futsal, NIKE, JOMA


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Connect XBOX360 Live through 3G Modem

February 1, 2011 Leave a comment

hello there,

have you playing XBOX360? if yes, you should connect to XBOX360 LIVE!
because it is very addictive LOL, maybe people around you is calling you crazy,
because you’ll scream a lot while playing XBOX360 LIVE Games ! LOL

but for some people, especially who only have 3G Modem not a ADSL Modem, connecting to XBOX360 Live is really confusing, you can connect it, but you’ll need device like WiFi adapter for XBOX360, the price is about 100 bucks. (if you brought XBOX360 Slim, it don’t necessary needed :D)

now, i’ll tell you how to connect XBOX360 to Live through 3G Modem.
in this case i use a Windows 7 Laptop, 1 LAN Cable, and Telkomsel Flash 3G Modem

the first step, you’ll need to connect your XBOX360 into your Laptop using a LAN Cable, until “Unindentified Network” appear.

and clik (in this case i use my Telkomsel Flash 3G Modem) TSEL INTERNET just like at the pict.

after you click that, and status window will appear

next step is click “Properties” button just like the image,
after you click it, Properties window will appear

at the properties window, first, click “Sharing” Tab, and then check “Allow other network user…” after you check it, choose the pop up at “Home Network Connection”, choose “Local Area Connection”

after those steps done,
go to your XBOX360, and test connection to XBOX360 LIVE at System Config at your XBOX360

if it success, CONGRATULATION, you’ll connected to XBOX360 Live!
happy playing, and don’t forget to take a break after 2 hours playing ^^

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Recently Place : Surya Indah Hotel

February 1, 2011 Leave a comment

hello there, long time no post,

happy new year btw, LOL, i know it too late,
but it’s ok 😀

allright, here’s my new post after i comeback from the cave LOL

i just want to share n review.
so if there any mistakes, i’m sorry, don’t hesitate to send comment 😀

Surya Indah Hotel is located at Batu Malang,
the hotel is near from Batu Night Spectacular (BNS) and Jatim Park 2.

now time for reviewing,

this hotel is not using AC at the each rooms. but air in this place is very2 cold, especially at night, so we don’t need AC in this hotel and we save power, and very2 good to our environment 🙂

okey, now for the room




room are clean, without AC, one single bed and one small TV.
and you’ll get 4 bottles of mineral water,

now for the bathroom.


bathroom are clean too, but you should note Hot Water only available at 6.00 – 10.00 AM at the morning, and 4.00 – 8.00 PM, the water is absolutely cold, so i suggest you to take a bath at these hours LOL.

the room rates is 350.000 IDR for deluxe room, include breakfast. without AC and without WiFi

good hotel 🙂

thanks for reading.
happy holiday 🙂

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Recently Place : Armi Hotel

November 8, 2010 3 comments

hi there !
i just wanna share 🙂

here we go, i just came back from malang city (it’s few weeks ago, but i post it late :p)
i’m stay at Hotel Armi Malang, this place quite clean, cheap, and not so far away from center town 😀

here we go for the pics 🙂

Front of Hotel Armi

Front of the hotel


here’s the room,i choose standart room for 190.000 IDR, not to big, but have a large size of bed, it make the room looks so narrow LoL, this room is included TV, AC, and hot and cold water for bath. 🙂


and the important thing for a hotel room, the bathroom 😀
pretty clean, doesn’t have a bathub, just only shower with hot water 🙂


the TV’s 😀

okay, that’s all of the pics, 😀 still another some, but because of the terrible connection, i just uploaded some, :p

Hotel Armi is located at Jl. Kaliurang Malang, this place is don’t have billboard, so you may need to slow after you reached Jl. Kaliurang.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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Recently Eated Food : Bakso Bakar Pahlawan Malang

October 28, 2010 1 comment

hallo lagi dan lagi,

kali ini posting yang bakso bakarnya yah..
lgsg aja deh. buat rasa sih lumayan enak, tapi menurut pacar saya masih lebih enak Bakso Bakar ABM. begitu juga menurut saya, hehe..
porsinya cuman dapet 5 bakso bakar, dengan tingkat kepedasan yang bisa diminta 😀
oke juga, 🙂
bagaimana menurut anda sekalian? 😀

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Recently Eated Food : Pangsit Mie Pahlawan Malang

October 28, 2010 Leave a comment

hallo lagi, :p

masih banyak post yang harus di posting, hehe.. banyak makanan yang kemaren saya makan di kota Malang sewaktu liburan kemaren..

kali ini nyobain Pangsit Mie di Bakso Bakar Pahlawan Trip Malang, untuk bakso bakarnya saya uda coba 2 x, untuk pangsitnya ini baru pertama..
rasa nya sih lumayan enak, hehe.. terjangkau juga harganya, porsi juga lumayan banyak,

oke deh menurut saya, ga tau lagi klo menurut anda.. 🙂

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Recently Eated Food : Iga Penyet Olego

October 28, 2010 1 comment


hmm.. baru aja nyobain iga penyet di Olego, di Jl. indragiri Surabaya..

mumpung ada diskon buat iga penyetnya, lumayan :p
untuk rasa, mm.. sambelnya aku rasa si lebi oke daripada Lekko, dagingnya juga lebih gurih, bawang gorengnya pun lebi banyak,cmn buat yang suka makan dengan porsi banyak, lekko mungkin masih jadi juara, disini porsinya cukup kecil, nasinya kecil, >,<
untuk dagingnya si lumayan banyak.. tapi ya kurang banyak hehehe.. (maklum big portition eater LoL. yang jelas untuk rasa sih saya merasa iga penyet di Olego ini lebih syip, gurih, sambel lebih oke..
ga tau lagi menurut kalian :p

cobain aja deh buat pastinya 🙂

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