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my other posts..
now i want to tell you.. about a girl, hihi… ivanjaya.net

her name Rista Winahyu 🙂

very2 beautiful aite? 😀
no one can compare her.. 😀
cerita apa yah.. bermula dari Yahoo Messenger, Facebok, serta Blackberry Messenger
dari situlah semua bermula, hehehe..
ow yah, nicknames ! she’s called me Beluang,
and i called her Bakpoo or in english Steamed-Bun :p
maybe if you asking me the reason why i called her bakpoo,
oke, here the answer “can you see our pic above? see her cheeks like a Steamed-Bun 🙂
cute aite? :))
about feeling, i think i’m fall in love with her,
i have not said the “magic word” yet.
but i will do 🙂
hemm.. sepertinya cukup de.
klo diceritain dari awal sampe akhir, bisa panjang banget nih post :))
ntar kubuatkan part2 nya aja deh yah ..
for another pictures of us
you can visit my picasa album
here the link
please, don’t be jeaolusy :))
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